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Anderland4 Anderland5
Barbara Wachendorff
Joachim Henn
Set and costume design:
Christoph Rasche
Tim Isfort
Rolf Emmerich
Documentary film:
Thorsten Kellermann


Helga Born
Pirkko Cremer
Wolfgang Goede
Eva Hedtke
Tim Isfort
Tim Mackenbrock
Bettina Muckenhaupt
Anas Ouriaghli
Fritz Pilgram
Marianne Rumpsmüller


A journey without rudder into the land of demenzia
Kulturfestival Sommerblut, Cologne
Premiere: May 18th, 2012

People who suffer from dementia seem to be travelling into a different world, and very often it is unclear to those in good health what determines their route, or where they're steering to. They live in a world of their own which to them is totally real, but which we as mere onlookers find very hard to negotiate. As a result the possibilities of establishing any real contact with them are necessarily limited.
In ANDERLAND five dementia patients and four professional actors set out on a mutual theatrical journey, looking to bridge the gap that separates them. The scenic collage visualizes alien as well as surprising aspects of dementia.

This Project was awarded the INNOVATIONSPREIS BEHINDERTENPOLITIK of the city of Cologne in 2012.