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Concept / Direction:
Barbara Wachendorff
Concept / Dramaturgy:
Joachim Henn
Set and costume design:
Christoph Rasche
costume design:
Jennifer Henkel
Rolf Emmerich
Documentary film:
Carasana / David Ertl
Martina Frenzel / Stephan Siemens

Barin Bhattacharyya
Thomas Breuer
Matthias Caspari
Petra Frechen
Detlef Kaiser
Hubert Laschet
Ines Lenel
Leslie Mader
Charles Ripley
Sarah Schultz
Heike Trinker
Hayato Yamaguchi
Angelika Zander

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Sommerblut Kulturfestival Köln
Premiere May 13th, 2015
a multimedia theatre project, is interested in the relationships between working and living conditions in an increasingly fragmented, accelerated and unsafe working environment and their influences on people’s emotional states. The project leads the audience into simulated work environments of the BTZ in Cologne-Ehrenfeld. In the offices, cantinas, halls and stairways we observe the actions of people affected by burnout – a singer, a dancer, and three actors situationally and associatively create rooms of infinite control, stress, humiliation, and overstraining, as well as their mostly absurd origins. The project focuses on the exploration of the compulsions and absurdities of the lean management, while also emphasizing the participating experts’ different experiences of work and crises.

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