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Concept / Direction:
Barbara Wachendorff
Concept and Dramaturgy:
Joachim Henn
Production management:
Marco Jesse
Rolf Emmerich/Sommerblut Festival

Michael Adamczak
Sandra Seers
Heyv Mostoo
Josefine Pfütze
Jürgen Sommerfeld
Denis Spiegel
unter wasser

Unter Wasser lächeln

A theatre/film project about depression
Wandelwerk Köln
Premiere 21. May, 2021

It begins, but there is no beginning. Nevertheless, there are causes. Depression creeps into the lives of those affected. 10 people who know depression or depressive episodes from their own experience deal with the triggers and causes, manifestations and conditions of one of the most common, but also one of the most taboo diseases of our time. Based on extensive discussions with the participants, director Barbara Wachendorff and dramaturge Joachim Henn have developed artistic expressions together with the participants that reflect not only the inner worlds of experience of suffering, but above all the social conditions that are the breeding ground for the development of depression.

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