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bilanz hoch

Barbara Wachendorff
Anandita Schinharl
Set and costume design:
Monika Reichert
Andreas Wahlster

Christa Dammers
Renate Ehrich
Elisabeth Gerstenberger
Helga Henkel
Magdalena Rumpff
Lilo Rüssing
Lilo Schmidt
Roswitha Simon
Margret Sturm
Renate Tschirner
Wilhelm von Hoegen
Wolfgang Simon


A project about aging
Schlosstheater Moers
Premiere: December 11th, 2003

At a time when Western society is marked by a genuine cult of youthfulness, in this project old people present their perception of the state of our civilization. They deal with the basic issues of human existence – experiences of love, care, violence, loneliness, lust, joy, fear.
BILANZ is a theatrical rendition of the life stories of twelve elderly people between the ages of 70 and 85 from the city of Moers. Acting out their own stories they turn them into a spirited theatrical composition.