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Vergissmeinnicht3 Vergissminnicht4
Barbara Wachendorff
Joachim Henn
Set and costume design:
Christoph Rasche
Jens Daniel Peter

Annabel Céline Cuny
Roland Silbernagl


Schlosstheater Moers, Premiere: October 15th, 2009

VERGISSMEINNICHT is a theatrical hall of mirrors - surprising, weird and frightening, but also funny. A female dancer and male actor find themselves in a series of situations in which different aspects of a personality altered by dementia are explored.
Interviews with dementia patients form the basis for these absurd and comical encounters of a man with doctors, nurses, relatives and, last, but not least, the woman who looks like his mother - but seems to be somebody altogether different.

VERGISSMEINNICHT takes up and continues in its own way the campaign ERINNERN-VERGESSEN: KUNSTST√úCKE DEMENZ, conducted by the Schlosstheater Moers in 2005. This campaign, which was awared several prizes, offered new approaches to the delicate theme of dementia by theatrical means.