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Barbara Wachendorff
Concept / Dramaturgy:
Joachim Henn
Christoph Rasche
Jadi Carboni
Peter Eisold
Monika Odenthal
Silvana Buchwald
Documentary Film:
Lisa Domin
Rolf Emmerich

Sleman Al Ahmad
Celina Albayrak
Ashraf Albesh
Mel Bialas
Mahmoud Chala
Natalie Dedreux
Khalaf Sabri Dawood
Uri Dialo
Sven Djurovic
Olga Daryna Drachuk
Joséphine Favre-Tailllaz
Eva Junge
Mohammad Kahn
Kathrin Lämmermann
Paula Mai
Josua Mettbach
Johanna Miller
Elisabeth Pless
Lukas Romes
Mohamed Ben Salah
Saya Salman
Teresa Stoller
Sergej Usov
Toni Weinrich

Audiovisual composition »BLAST!«:
Gudrun Barenbrock (Video), Angelika Sheridan (Flute),
Frank Niehusmann (Elektronic)
mitte a


Sommerblut Kulturfestival Köln
Premiere May 31th, 2019
Can we believe in a future of mankind? Many global changes in recent years could also be described as global environmental sins, crimes against humanity (often in the name of religion) or morally doubtful. Those changes have a serious impact on people that where born around the year 2000 and will be alive in 2070.
The theater project YOUTOPIA brings together young people of different origins, philosophies of life, denomination and with different physical and mental prerequisites, as well as professional actors and dancers. In a scenic-musical performance at venues around a central Place in Cologne called Neumarkt, they develop utopian ideas of a possible future and give their desires, values and visions an artistic, theatrical expression. Touching and thoughtful, absurd and intelligent, erratic and gentle, provocative and surprising, but in each case personal.

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