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Barbara Wachendorff


Joachim Henn


Christoph Rasche


Rupert Franzen


Rolf Emmerich

Documentary Film:

Carasana/David Ertl


Ines-Paul Baumann
Brigitt von der Burg
Leonora Friese
Finn Ludwig
Jonas Recker
Dr. Zira


Jadi Carboni
Jo Koppe
Charles Ripley
Heike Trinker
Hayato Yamaguchi

Fachliche Beratung:
Julia Sophie Sänger


A theater dance project about identity and gender


Kulturfestival Sommerblut, Köln

13. May 2016

The theatre and dance project MYDENTITY is interested in the relationship between gender and identity, in both individual biographical as well as artistic respect.
It takes a look at the origins and modes of how common taboos function and challenges the normativity of such definitions.
MYDENTITY is a biographical project performed by seven people with a trans biography, three dancers and two actors.
The intergenerational exchange of experiences play an important part in this project Older people, who have gone through the process of adjustment some years ago, are on stage together with young people whose confrontation with their search of identity seems to have completely different conditions today.
The experiences and conflicts going along with the struggle for a personal, self-determined gender identity form the focus of this work.
In its playful, humorous and touching way the biographical and scenic, artistic exploration of MYDENTITY is supposed to help to understand deviation as a means of social diversity.
The main emphasis in this exploration is to put on the idea of expanding the limits of social identity.