Barbara Wachendorff
Marktplatz 8
D-68526 Ladenburg

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Concept / Direction:

Barbara Wachendorff

Concept / Dramaturgy:

Joachim Henn


Jutta Glaser


Jennifer Ocampo Monsalve

Stage / Costumes:

Christoph Rasche


Schlosstheater Moers


Missy Adjei
Lana Ahmad
Rangin Ali
Ayobami Aliyu
Kholoud Alsarraj
Magdalene Artelt
Hanadi Darwisch
Mayada Day
Judice Edward
Haifa Shaker
Joy Ugbesia
Mavluda Yorova
und weiteren, die nicht genannt werden möchten.


Experiences with flight


Schlosstheater Moers

20. October 2017

The Theatre Play “Sand and Asphalt. Experiences with flight” is interested in an intergenerational and intercultural encounter of refuge woman in terms of an individual biographical as well as artistical research.
Genderspecific reasons and conditions of fleeing, as well as living conditions after having arrived form the thematic centre of the play.
More than 50 percent of the refugees worldwide are women and girls. They are however, inadequately represented in the German media.
Reasons for women to flee from their country are political or religious persecution as well as specific violence, like forced marriage, sexual violence or circumcision.
At the beginning of the theatre performance ”Sand and Asphalt” the actresses welcome the audience .and escort the guests to their seats.
The spectators sit at the same table with the actresses. They are served tea and a traditional snack.
Apart from its dramatic and scenic potential this setting also creates very intimate situations, which enable the women to give intensive reports of their experiences and to approach deeply into their biographic situations. All together, this leads to a great closeness and intimacy between the actresses and the audience, which in turn is more easily ready to be open-minded and empathic.