Barbara Wachendorff
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D-68526 Ladenburg

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Anas Ouriaghli

Concept and Dramaturgy:

Barbara Wachendorff


Dietmar Tessmann


Carmen Schröder – Meißner


Hospiz in Frechen e.V.


Steffi Dietrich
Heidi Emonts Gast
Carola Fachinger
Ebba Grosspeter
Waltraut Göbel
Josef Hansen
Heide Maria Klein
Ulli Lynch
Hedwig Paul
Hildegard Schmidt
Karin Schlagehan
Heidi Schmitz
Carmen Schröder Meißner
Gabriele Schützler
Klaus Thon
Imke Valentin


Theatre Project with people with dementia


Frechen Theatre

12. December 2019

The project focuses on people with dementia. With the help of biographical work, but also with improvisations, scenes were invented that reflect their current life and imagination. The result was a scenic collage of the actors’ individual ideas about happiness. In her active professional life, Mrs Paul was the owner of a hotel in a holiday region. Hiking guests in summer, winter sports guests in winter, Mrs Paul had her house under control. A hotel is therefore also the setting of the play. Absurd and comical situations between the hotel staff and demanding guests leave plenty of room for the individual life stories of the people with dementia. An abandoned suitcase with strange objects, a wrong booking, a dog that is abandoned, memories of first love, a poet who loses his lyrics, bitchy managers, dance-mad women, lots of misunderstandings and, of course, lots of music can be experienced on this evening.