Barbara Wachendorff
Marktplatz 8
D-68526 Ladenburg

T 0049-173-5350898

Direction and set design:

Barbara Wachendorff

Costume design:

Ismail Oyur


Belediye Diyarbakir,
Flüchtlingskinder Diyarbakir,
e.V., Karlsruhe


Halil Ibrahim Aslan
Argjin Athan
Hasan Cakmak
Hüseyin Cakmak
Zeynep Cetinkaya
Baris Ecer
Muhammed Taskin
Emrullah Ortanca
Zilan Pehlivan
Ronahi Polgat
Fathma Sigin
Sedanur Simsek
Didem Toprak
Ramazan Onur Tunc
Hanim Yayik
Süleyman Kizilseker



Tiyatro Belediye, Diyarbakir, Eastern Turkey

02. October 2011

About two million Kurds live in the Megacity of Diyarbakir. Many of them fled to the city in the 90s after their villages had been destroyed. They have lived there under dire conditions ever since – child labour, for instance, is perfectly common in Diyarbakir.
The German fairy tale Hänsel und Gretel was adapted to the biographical tales of refugee children. In Turkey theatrical work with children is rarely done, so the sixteen 8- to 12-year-olds surprised their audience in the municipal theater of Diyarbakir all the more with their self-confidence and their infectious energy on stage.