Barbara Wachendorff
Marktplatz 8
D-68526 Ladenburg

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Barbara Wachendorff


Nicole Nikutowski

Set and costume design:

Christoph Rasche


Dr. Joachim Kunz


Schlosstheater Moers


Tobias Bausch
Melanie Bovenschen
Dr. Volker Gedrath
Nina Gottschalk
Cornelia Graefen
Anika Grönke
Jana Isfort
Sabine Jüngling
Dr. Joachim Kunz
Björn Nienhuys
Hannah Schmidt
Heike Trinker
Frank Wickermann


A theatre production about depression


Schlosstheater Moers

30. November 2013

The Research Project UNDER COVER reacts to the enormous increase of the diagnosis of depression during the last 10 years.
Nearly one fourth of the adult population in Germany suffers from a serious episode of crisis during their lives.
Nevertheless Depression remains to be a taboo.
Who would like to admit, that he doesn’t function anymore?
The Sociologist Alain Ehrenberg called depression a disease of responsibility for the own being.
The continuous requirement of creativity, autonomy and responsibility confronts man in modern society with the task to become himself at any price.
Identity has become a permanent construction site.
And sometimes body, soul and brain react with retreat all along the line, with inner emptiness, with the weariness of the self.
The Research Project UNDER COVER, working together with 11 afflicted people and 2 professional actors, looks at the friction of the theme with the social conditions and changes of the 21st Century.