Barbara Wachendorff
Marktplatz 8
D-68526 Ladenburg

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Barbara Wachendorff


Joachim Henn

Set and costume design:

Birgit Angele


Simon Camatta


Rolf Emmerich
Kulturfestival Sommerblut Köln


Simon Camatta
Philipp Engelhardt
Luci Löffler
Gerhard Häck
Petra Schmid
Sindy Tscherrig


A Theater project about organ transplantation


Sommerblut Kulturfestival Köln

10. May 2013

In june 2012 a new statutary regulation was issued in Germany, urging people to consent to a donation of their organs after death
Diffuse fears concerning the circumstances of brain death, together with recent scandals in german clinics relating to the abuse of organ donation could be the reason, why the opposite happened: the availability of kidneys, livers, hearts and other organs decreases.
The research project STAYING ALIVE asks 3 afflicted people, who where kept alive by a new organ.
Through their biographies a lot of aspects of transplantation become visible, such as medical and cultural aspects oft he brain death concept, chances and limits of the art of medicine, and as well as the question of how we want to die.
The project opens personal and surprising insights into the theme and adds a sensible, provocative a humoresque impulse to the discussion.
The theatre project STAYING ALIVE is a production of the Sommerblut Kulturfestival Köln, 2013.